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You v been to Greace, Europe,the jungles of Amazon ,you don't want the same again,you like the city but want to feel the earth.

You want to feel the spirit,see the Jordan River,climb on the Masada Clif, taste the wineries up the Golan heights,and watch the sea of Galilee at sunset,or maybe take a boat ride with spiritual music or any kind of music.
You want to float on the dead sea,Camel ride, sleep under the sky in a Beduin tent,walk in Oasis in the middle of the desert 
Let me tell you something.
The difference between Israel and the other countries you've been.
Is the size !!!!!
Israel is so small,you can do all of this in 5 days. and still have time left for a cold beer in Tel Aviv or short visit at the Holly sepulchre ,at Jesus Tumb,and then
put your most intimate wish between the stones of the wailing Wall.
And run to catch your flight.
Am I asking for too much ?
We can make it easily.
If you are interested in a Christian or Jewish tour,just look for the right one for you . 
So ,are you going to join us?
michael skir +972 528661613

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Perfect guide for your personal tours in Israel

Traveling has become an inseparable part of our life. A huge amount of people visit dozen of countries every year. But every tourist should visit Israel at least once. Israel is one of the cradles of humanity. Exploring the sights of this country with your personal guide allows you to customize your daily tour in Israel according to your wishes and needs, and helps to discover this country much deeply. I am a licensed private guide, and I will help you see a different Israel,combining walking and car tours.

Explore Israel differently

The historic multiculturalism of Israel has much to offer to all types of tourists. There are many routes to take that include pilgrim tours of different confessions and religions throughout. People come here to immerse themselves in the ancient history and rich culture. However, If you prefer a “beach vacation,” you can relax on the coasts of the Mediterranean sea or restore your mental and physical health by means of the healing qualities of the Red (Dead) Sea. There are a rich nightlife and incredible parties that make it popular destination for young people. Besides, trips to Israel are equally popular in any season of the year. Israel is also known to provide high-level medical treatment, and some people come here for this purpose.

Travel in Israel with confidence

Many people visit Israel with the desire of experiencing a spiritual moment, but more often it ends up being a long, soul-destroying process. If you enter Jerusalem, which sees more than 10,000 of tourists a day, you may face endless lines of visitors, waiting to enter some of the temples or museums. And when you are in, it is hard to be inspired with a guard shouting: “no pictures, no pictures.”

The solution is to hire a personal guide in Israel who has experience entering into every place; Who knows the secrets behind each building, park, and square, and provides you with the shortest way to any sight.

We plan routes for groups of any size. We offer a private guide in Israel for the entire family in tours like Masada, or Bar Mitzva. Our guide makes a tour convenient, flexible, and fully customized.

We also help to plan a perfect corporate day with a Quick Tour or 1-Day-Tour or plan your route for informational or learning purposes in museums, or mountains tours. Let us know what you have in mind in advance, and we will service a holiday trip of a lifetime for you!

Contact me today and together we will compose a perfect solution for you!

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