bar mitzva tour/young

The "Aliyah latorah in Bar Mitzvah day ends at around 11-12 noon time.
There are so many wonderful sites in Jerusalem and in israel .

Here some of them.

The "Chain of Generations" Just off the wall toward the Jewish Quarter, The story of Jerusalem through the ages, a spectacular show of art represented by enormous glass pillars which represent symbolically the chain of generations of the jewish people .
The Wall tunel is an amazing project of 25 meters under the ground near the foundation stones of the Western Wall and the Jewish Quarter, in the Roman period and the Hasmonean período.
You can view three-dimensional - animation and spectacular novel of the Temple Mount, which allows 360-degree view of the structure of the Second Temple. Animation illustrates the stages of construction and destruction passed over the Temple Mount ,and the Western Wall from then ,until ourdays. visitors face a hidden part of the first Western Wall, buried deep under the Muslim Quarter. Walking beside the Western Wall is a "one in a life" experience,feeling the large and impressive,huge stones and then touching the enormous stone which holds the whole Wall weighting 570 tons. the upper part is broken, because of the wrath of the Romans, who asked not to leave a single stone of the Temple Mount compound. Eventually, they probably gave up on by the magnitude of the work and put the remains of the wall remaining.

Israel Museum

(Jerusalem Museum) provides a fascinating experience of the history of Israel and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The Science Museum for children and adults as well,is a very advanced museum
The Bible Museum sheds light on the hidden wonders of the Bible.

Mahane Yehuda culinary tour right in the market,shows stands with all goods, and a variety of cultures in the country, We can stop and eat in a restaurant in gorgeous lanterns or alternatively in a restaurant chef.

Day Fun In northern Israel.
there are many options and activities

Rafting trip on the Jordan river, Omega over the Jordan, and all the various kibbutzim located along the Jordan River and the Upper Galilee. Horseback riding, paintball, jeep tours throughout North ... the Sea of ​​Galilee or Golan /Hermon , all of those are an unforgettable experience.
Ahula swamp Reserve; with watching birds and animals in there natural habitat -swamp.

Some big and beautiful natural park reserve like the Dan River Park and the Banias. and some rivers in the upper Hermon.

Mount Bental Is a high mount views the syrian border watching the city of kunetra :an amazing experience that teaches the youth about the closeness of the Syrian border , where you can tell the story of Israel's wars, you can go down to the bunkers and feel the atmosphere of the most intensive moments of the Israelis troops.

Rosh Hanikra in the western Galilee right in the border of Lebanon,a cable car will take you down the soft chalk hill,to the grottos and tunnels formed by sea action on the soft chalk rock.the site is incredibly beautiful and a walk through the deep caves the visitor can go up to take a picture at the border of Lebanon.

South Israel is full of surprises for children and youth in general ...
Masada famous for being the last stronghold of the Jewish rebellion against the Roman Empire. It was here that leader Eleazer Ben Yair kept the Roman Legion’s siege at bay for three years.
We’ll ascend to Masada by cable car and explore the first century Synagogue,King Herod’s Bathhouse and other sites atop of Masada,the most popular bar mitzvah experience is tracking the Masada by foot.
Another great experience is a Bedouin village right across the Masada Cliff ;a village of Bedouins tent ;dinners under moonlight, Bedouin camel rides, and meeting and conversation with the Bedouin is an amazing experience,

The US adults Children interested in science will be able to visit the Museum of Science in Beersheba.

Mitzpe Ramon we'll gaze into the Ramon Cretar, a geological wonder.the crater and surrounding area forms Israel's largest national park, the Ramon Nature Reserve.

The cratar containes The ruins of a large prehistoric stone structure known as Khan Saharonim a trade route used by the nabataeans 2000 years ago.the crater contains deferent kinds of rocks including clay hills known for their fantastic red and yellow colors and forms. Impressive mountains rise at the borders of the crater contains Mt. Ramon at the southern end, (Mt. Ardon) at the north-eastern end, and two table mountains - along the southern wall. The hills to the north-eastern edge of the crater were once entirely covered by spiral Ammonits fossils.

Ein Gedi national park -oasis ,with its water falls ,and breathtaking canyons also one of the most beautiful national parks Israel has to offer.