Here I will bring the significant differences between the Catholic and Evangelical tourism.
I'll start with Jerusalem. Evangelical usually give up walking the Via Dolorosa and visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Some groups would visit the Garden Tomb in the Muslim Quarter. For many evangelical groups Mount of Olives and Gethsemane are most significant sites.
There is a garden in front of Gethsemane where usually communion are made.
Mount Zion and the Church of Peter Gallicantu is another significant evangelical church. built over Byzantine Church, with the prison room in the house of the high priest Cifas.
Not far away,up the mountain, there is the "Cenacle" or the last super room a meeting room for , evangelicals.
Under the room, we'll visit David's Tomb- an important tomb to all religions.

On top of Mount of Olives There are two important churches and very "evangelical", (Catholic also) lets begin with "Pater Noster"where actually found a cave where Jesus and his disciples started and studies"our lord in heaven" prayer.
A second significant chapel,is the Chapel of the Ascension,the place of Christ's ascension into heaven.

Another very important Protestant's site is the "Temple Institute" institute is dedicated to every aspect of the Holy Temple of Jerusalem, and the central role it fulfilled, and will once again fulfill, in the spiritual wellbeing of both Israel and all the nations of the world. The Institute's work touches upon the history of the Holy Temple's past, an understanding of the present day, and the Divine promise of Israel's future. The Institute's activities include education, research, and development. The Temple Institute's ultimate goal is to see Israel rebuild the Holy Temple on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem, in accord with the Biblical commandments.

The Friends of Zion (FOZ) FOZ Museum was opened in 2015 in the heart of Jerusalem with the help of thousands of supporters of Israel from all over the world. It presents a technologically advanced, interactive experience that tells the story of the dream of restoration of the Jewish people to their historic homeland and the brave non-Jews who assisted them in realization of that dream.

Evangelical & believers should definitely visit the city of David, the Western Wall (also Catholic).and the western wall tunnels tunnals,which tell a unique story about Jerusalem,the temple,the Jewish world...Jerusalem during the end of the Second Temple period was known internationally for its beauty and grandeur.
The city of David city of david is an amazing archeological site. The Herodian Channel that is approximately 500 feet long. The tour will reach its climax as we behold the impressive foundations stones of the Western Wall at the foot of the Temple Mount. From there we will climb and exit onto the grandiose road where the Jewish pilgrims walked, two thousand years ago.

North of the country-
the Galilee area, is the favorite region for Evangelics.
The Sea Of Galilee ,is full of spiritual spots and stories,wherever you go ,you can feel Jesus soul.this is the area where Jesus felt free strong.
Mount of Beatitudes, Church Tabgha, the Primacy of Peter and Capernaum,are all small villages which embrace beautiful history and miracles of Jesus.

The Jordan River. One of the most popular sites on the Evangelical,but also Catholic.
Baptisms are held here by all denomination.. Catholics,Evangelists, fathers, and pastors .all go down to the water and baptise.
The site has it own baptism certificates

Kibbutz Ein Gedi gedi is located on the way to the Dead Sea hotels and Masada.At the entrance there is a National Park with a walking path on several levels.You will pass through mountain ravines and valleys, through a freshwater stream, coming from a thermal and waterfall Shulamit.The scenery is spectacular and magical.